@LuciferV8: I was just sitting here copying a DVD disc and waiting for the CRC check to finish, when I read your post comment (via my DSL line plugged into my NIC card) on my LCD display, and LOLed out loud. » 3/19/10 3:51pm 3/19/10 3:51pm

@pinkshinyalan: It's hard to see from the pics, the air filter is tucked between the drivers side headlight and wheel well. Intake takes a 90 degree bend at the rad. » 3/19/10 12:33pm 3/19/10 12:33pm

In the mid 90s I was stationed in western Germany, and one December morning I was on my way to Luxembourg Airport to fly home for the holidays. It's a fairly short drive, 60km or so, consisting mainly of hauling ass down the A64 autobahn. » 11/30/09 6:04pm 11/30/09 6:04pm